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I’m Back

After a 1 year not blogging, because of my busy wussy wok. Right now I’m come back for sure… I start blogging before Instagram happened, or facebook but since Friendster still on the number 1 platform on social media.

These are just a few blogs I followed religiously from around 2005–2011. Some of them abruptly disappeared, leaving behind broken links and domain squatters. Others migrated to microblogging platforms like Instagram or Tumblr, shifting into a miniaturized and truncated version of their former web presence. And others are still going strong, continuing to practice the dying art of longform blogging in the year 2019.

For all those years, I would faithfully visit their blogs from my browser bookmarks, checking in every few days to see if there were new posts. I read different blogs on different days based on what I was in the mood for — fashion, art, music, or just good old slice of life writing (what we refer to now as lifestyle blogging).

Not to be overly quaint, but this was a time before the commercialism of brand partnerships and #influencers. It’s hard to imagine spending the amount of time I devoted to reading blogs back then in the context of today’s high-paced attention (or lack thereof) economy, perhaps because the payoff feels so much different — and far less satisfying.


I can’t pinpoint exactly why I stopped blogging. But I’m missed not to be be afraid to tell the stories. Even if they don’t categorize neatly. Because despite what Instagram may think of us all, people don’t categorize neatly. So it makes sense that our life stories don’t categorize neatly either.   You can tell yours anyway if you want to. Because categories don’t really matter that much, despite the blog advice you may have read. Truth matters. And creating what you want to create matters.  

Let’s try it once again

Just Be Yourself, Everything Else Will Work Itself Out

I will make a blog in Chinese version also, why? I need to restudy my Chinese again, I never used it for 5 years past. I hope still good…ヅ

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